Check out some of our clients below that have used our appliances in some amazing projects! If you are one of those clients who would like to share their story then please shoot it on over to us so that we can get it up on here.

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Into every life a little magic must fall.

In today’s retail environment it is rare to find individuals who are genuinely customer friendly and laser focused on serving customers needs. This serves as a note of commendation, Josh and Kevin, for accomplishing just that.

Approximately a month ago my husband, Jim Alsgard, met with both of you to discuss next steps regarding our double Bosch ovens that ceased to function. Instead of pushing a new sale (as many others did), Josh, you in particular, stepped up and offered Jim your expertise including a range of options. I cannot express how grateful we are to have had your counsel.

With a high degree of engineering background, Jim ran the usual equipment checks. He sensed it might be the relay board. I searched everywhere but none could be found. I contacted Bosch directly and discovered why there were no parts available in the marketplace. Bosch suggested I contact Consumer Service in Chattanooga which led to our saving grace, CoreCentric Solutions.

Jim was right. It was the relay board. CoreCentric sent a new board with refurbished relays after submitting the damaged board. Jim connected the various components and I am delighted to share both ovens are operational. What a relief!

I simply want to express my sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to both of you (Josh and Kevin) for doing the right thing in leading us down a path that saved us a great deal of money and anguish. I don’t know how long the ovens will function, but this I do know, two fine gentlemen at AllSouth took the time and initiative to care and help to a degree which exceeded our expectations. When it is time to make a purchase we will definitely walk through your door and forever be reminded of your generosity. We have a large social circle and plan to share our experience.

And, so it is with sincere hearts and gratefulness we wish to thank you for your time and support. We extend our best to you for continued growth and success in business and in your personal careers. Retail sales needs to clone you!

Jim and Nancy A., Chattanooga, TN

Refrigerator delivered and installed. Marcus and Nathan…GREAT service!  Told me how to clean, operated, etc.

Pattie, Homewood, AL

We are so pleased with the new washer and dryer and thank all of the team at All South that made it possible so quickly and easily. We have completed Wash #1 and Dry #2 and so far are delighted. If you ever need a recommendation, we would be honored to give it.

Lois and David, Birmingham, AL

I just wanted to drop you a quick line about Cody Palmer and my recent appliance purchase. I inquired on a hunting forum, that Cody and I both frequent, to see if anyone on there was in the appliance business as I always prefer to patronize the businesses represented there if at all possible. Cody answered my inquiry and told me he would be glad to help us get a washer and dryer that would suit our needs. To be honest, I had no idea I would get the kind of service that I did! Cody went above and beyond answering our questions (I always have a ton because I’m an engineer and that’s what we do!), providing information about the various models available, working diligently to ensure we could get the units we ended up deciding upon here in Huntsville as opposed to driving to Birmingham, etc. When all was said and done, I requested that he please provide me with you guys’ contact information so I would have the opportunity to share with you about my experience working with him. More than likely, you have earned a life-long customer because of his efforts and you definitely earned one as long as I can work with Cody on future purchases. Further, I will be sending more business your way as well. I just thought the both of you ought to know. I, for one, am extremely grateful for superior service and I hope the both of you fully appreciate his efforts as well!

Chad, Huntsville, AL

You…are well deserving of all the praise and kind words for your excellent customer service. We will most certainly recommend you to any family and friends we know who are doing renovations and seeking appliances. Thanks again for everything!

Paulette, Birmingham, AL

Thank you for all your help with this! I am going to post this on Instagram sometime today and thank all south…pleasure to work with you and hope to do so again soon!

Anna, Birmingham, AL

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your working with me on the purchase of my new Speed Queen washer and dryer. Thank you for working with me on the price. Thank you for helping get delivery scheduled last week. The two gentlemen that delivered and set them up were VERY professional and courteous. They represent All South very well. I’ve used the washer and dryer a few times now and am extremely pleased with the quality of the product as well as the outstanding job they do in getting clothes clean and fresh – EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thank you for recommending Speed Queen to me Karl! I have told several of my friends about you, All South and Speed Queen.

Again, thank you for making my purchase a very pleasant experience!

Henry, Tuscaloosa, AL

I recently purchased another flip home and decided to give you guys a try as you were not here when i did last one. I went in
and was greeted and walked around the showroom. Casey Burns was the one that spent time with me. She later responded thru email with quotes and pdf’s of the products I could choose from based on what I had told her.

In this day and time it is rare to find a company that will do as
they say and follow thru. The emails were very well put together and the added pdf’s were absolutely descriptive as to each product. I WILL without hesitation go thru your company when the time comes to get the appliances for this project.

If this is how you treat everyone I cannot imagine any other company standing up against you guys. Kudos to her and the Montgomery Store.

Bruce, Montgomery, AL

I can’t believe it has been a year since we started our renovations. Thank you all for your help in giving me my dream kitchen. We love it!

Catherine, Vestavia Hills, AL

I just wanted to say how pleased I was to have Daniel from your Service Department come to our home to service our dishwasher. As you know, Daniel is very knowledgeable about the dishwashers and explained the challenges with the government regulations and how best to operate the dishwasher.

I will look forward to his return visit to install a part.

Thank you so much for hiring such a dedicated and focused technician.

Linda, Huntsville, AL